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Native Strength – The First Step on the Path to an Indomitable Life is the first book in a series divulging a variety of Native American traditional methods for achieving and maintaining integrity, fortitude, will-power and control over one’s life. By using tools revealed by our ancestors, we can choose how best to react to all that life has given us, thereby taking responsibility for our own emotional well-being. Pain is our first teacher and when we react properly it can stimulate us into emotional and intellectual growth. If we do not make proper adjustments, the pain will be perpetual and can even be compounded. We alone are responsible for the choices we make and that includes how we decide to react to the things that happen to us. We cannot change others any more than they can change us. Our happiness is in our own hands. These traditional teachings outline the path to that happiness. Teaching stories, medicine wheels and exercises guide the reader on a path to emotional strength where neither man nor nature can dominate the ability to find peace and happiness.

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