kitchen confidence

This book is related to self confidence. It contains information about, how self confidence is useful in life and how it can be developed and nurtured. This book helps to know the meaning of self confidence, Characteristics of a self confident person, nature of self confidence, cycle of self confidence, self confidence spectrum, difference between high self confidence and low self confidence, steps for building self confidence. Generally there is no requirement for the checking of self confidence of teachers. In this book a self confidence scale is prepared which can be useful to check the self confidence of teachers. Through this book the administrator and principal may to know about the self confidence of teachers and can provide the environment, facilities, arranging seminars and workshops for the development of teachers’ self confidence. The main 10 points are related to this self confidence scale like; Physical self confidence,techno self confidence, social self confidence,psychological self confidence, judgement confidence, readiness, environmental self confidence, stage self confidence,status self confidence and peer independence confidence. These all points are interlinked.

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